Futuristic Junk Display

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Using recyclable materials, young people create models of things for the future and then display them


Recyclable materials (ask parents/young people to bring in and also take excess away (to recycle!))


Put a letter out or list on My.Scout in advance informing young people/parents that recyclable materials are required (no tin cans or items with sharp edges).

1) Empty all of the recyclable items out and play a sorting game if you wish. Alternatively, move straight on.
2) Give the brief that the young people need to think of what life might be like in the future and in particular an item that may be useful (or a piece of clothing)
3) Give time for creativity to take place and then discuss and display

Optional extra depending on age: Invite parents early at the end of the evening, possibly advertising the Junk Catwalk, then with some pop music in the background show off items of the future explaining to the parents what the item is and why it has been made. Beavers in particular seem to love strutting their stuff, and then get to take the item home and tell their parents all about it!

Ensure parents share the load of clearing rubbish up. Usually there can be about two refuse sacks left. Either offload or split down to a few carrier bags.

This activity can easily fill a Beaver Scout meeting if you play a 'sorting game' and/or talk about recycling first.


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