Fathers Day Gift

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Using an old recycled CD case, create a personalised photo frame for Dad for Fathers Day


Old clear plastic CD case
Photo - take these a couple of weeks before hand so they are printed and ready to be used (good practice to have consent from parents to take photos)
Materials for decorating (paper scraps, glitter, foam shapes, pictures from old magazines, clip art images)


Position photo on inside of CD case front cover and secure in place with cellotape (dont worry if the image does not fill the whole area)
Add glue to the outside of the front of the case around the photo and add decorations to create the frame
To make the photo frame stand up, carefully separate the front and back sections of the case (making sure you dont snap the hinge joints)
Turn the back section of the case around and then re-attach the front - now the lid doesn't close and stands up!
Perfect gift for Dad, which he can take to work and proudly display on his desk!


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