Internet Safety

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The cubs are shown the dangers of using the internet and how to stay safe


Video from website, paper and pencils


ACTIVITY 1 - Allow 5 minutes - WHAT IS THE INTERNET?
Get the Pack sitting down in a circle for a brief discussion. Begin by agreeing a
definition of what the internet is. Emphasise that the internet is a worldwide network
that ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the World can access. Explain that information -
particularly personal details - can sometimes get into the wrong hands, and that is why
we have to be careful with our use of the internet.
After the discussion, ask the Cubs to line up and get themselves in height order -
there's no real significance in this but it helps to break up the evening and maintain
pace. Once they are lined up, split them in half - take one half out of sight/earshot of
the others. The half remaining in the meeting place should use scarves as blindfolds
and sit down in a line.
For the other half, explain that when they re-enter the room they are to go and sit
back-to-back to someone in the line. They will be given a series of questions, such as
what's your name, where do you live, how old are you, and they are to write their
answers on a sheet of paper - however they are to LIE. Ask them to use sensible
names and realistic details of other members of the Pack, so the other half doesn't
become suspicious. After each question/answer has been given, pass it over (w/o
looking) to their partner - who gets to read the answer before the next question is
asked. Nobody is allowed to talk - so as to simulate an online conversation.
Once all of the questions have been completed, volunteer one Cub to disclose who
they were talking to, how old they were etc. Then ask everybody to turn around - they
weren't talking to who they thought they were at all!
Follow-up with a short discussion about the dangers of online conversations, and the
fact that you don't really KNOW who's behind the other computer screen. Pose the
question: why might this be a danger?
ACTIVITY 2 - allow 15 mins - VIDEO
Go onto the CEOP website (, register yourself and download
the video entitled 'Jigsaw Key Stage 2' - it's a brilliant video aimed at contextualising,
using analogy, how talking to someone you don't know on the internet can end up in a
seriously dangerous situation.
Follow-up discussion: reassure Cubs that they should not feel worried that this will
necessarily happen to them; explain that the vast majority of people in the World and
good and honest, but there are some less nice ones as well. Explain that if you follow
the guidance, i.e. don't dish out your details to the World and talk to people you don't
know, then there should not be a problem


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