Paper-plate Dragon Masks

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Make a Dragon Mask using the templates provided and a paper-plate.
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Red paint and paintbrush (or you can keep his face white if you don't feel like painting)
Paper plate
something to color with (or color printer)
OPTIONAL: You can substitute large wiggly eyes for the template eyes.
OPTIONAL FOR MASK: Paint Stir Stick , thin strip of wood or Tongue Depressor .


This dragon craft uses a printable template and a paper plate to make a project suitable for a Chinese New Year, fantasy or other mythology theme.
If you cut out holes instead of using the template eyes, you can convert your dragon craft to a dragon mask. Attach a paint stir stick or tongue depressor to allow your child to hold it up to their face.

• Paint the bottom of the paper plate red (or you can leave it white if you prefer)
• Print out the template of choice
• Colour (where appropriate) and cut out the template pieces. Most of the pieces are simple enough shapes for young children to cut out, but if needed, an adult can help with some of the harder pieces (the side spikes and the horns).
• Glue the pieces to the plate to make a dragon face:
o Glue the side spikes onto each side of the mask towards the top.
o Glue the horns onto either side of the head.
o Glue the ears onto either side of the head.
o Glue the eyes onto the mask (or cut out holes for eyes in a mask).
o Glue the eyebrows above the eyes.
o Glue the beard on the bottom-center of the plate.
o Glue the mouth just above the beard, overlapping slightly.
o Glue the nose above the mouth, overlapping slightly.
OPTIONAL: If making a mask, use masking tape or duct tape to attach a thin strip of wood, a Tongue Depressor or a Paint Stir Stick


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