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Balloon Rocket

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Challenge your scouts to launch a payload on a balloon rocket. (From Instant Scouting April 2013)


Smooth string/fishing line
long balloons
Payload (Paper clips, Blu-tack)
Clothes Pegs
Drinking straws
paper cups and sandwich bags
Masking tape


1) Spilt into teams
2) Set-up a launch pad by suspending, without slack a length of fishing line or smooth string to run from the ceiling to the floor in a diaginal line.
3) Before the scouts take up the challenge demonstrate a balloon launch
3a) Thread a drinking straw onto one end of the string/fishing line
3b) Inflate the balloon, twist oepn end and secure with a peg. Tape balloon to straw
3c) laucnh balloon by removing the peg
4) Split the payload between the teams, maybe not equally for a challenge.Scouts design and construct a method to attach the payload to the balloon unsing the masking tape, sandwich pags, cups. Winning team the team that gets the highest. (See attached for more details)


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