Jelly Oranges

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Beavers make their own oranges full of jelly, also with the orange juice the children will make their own orange juice


Oranges, different coloured jelly, juicer, fridge


each beaver has two halves of an orange, with the juicer or a spoon the beavers are to remove the insides of the oranges an place into a large bowl, Supervised allow the children to dissolve the different coloured jellies into seperate bowls once enough has been made each beaver has two colours to put into their orange halves. once each beaver has both of their oranges with a different colour in each place them onto trays and place in fridge for 24 hours. at your next meeting the jelly oranges will be completed and you will be able to hand them out to the children (another option is to let the children to the oranges home to set) with the excess oranges children take it in turn to mash the oranges to make their own orange juice.


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