Safety game

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Game to test Beavers understanding of safety issues. Can be tailored to any safety subject (green cross code, home safety, fire safety etc)


Two signs, one with "safe" on and one with "danger" on


Put the signs up at opposite ends of the room. The Beavers start in the middle. The leader shouts out statements and the Beavers have to decide whether what was said was safe, or whether it was a danger. After telling them whether they were right or wrong and why, they must move back into the middle for the next statement. Examples of statements could be:

Green cross code:
I am walking to home from Beavers in my dark coloured coat
I crossed the road with the lolly pop lady
I cross over the road between two parked cars
I ran across the road to get over quickly
I was walking with two friends side by side on the pavement
I got to the main road and crossed before mummy came

Railway safety:
The warning lights were flashing so I waited until the train had passed
I ran across a railway crossing as the barrier came down
I stood in front of the gateway to wait to see the next train

Water safety
I walked along the canal close to the water so I could see the ducks
I remembered the canal bridge numbers just in case of an accident
I was having fun next to the water, messing about with my friends
I went swimming in the sea because there were two life guards there
I went paddling out to sea in an inflatable dinghy

Home safety
There weren't enough plugs so I plugged lots of things into the same plug
I emptied the rubbish bin before it got too full
I had lots of fun throwing darts at the dart board on my bedroom door
I have put lots of books on the shelves above my bed
I have put the matches away somewhere safe
I left my clothes all over the bedroom floor when I took them off at bed time
I am going to play on the stairs
I stayed away from the pond in the garden
I was playing by mummy as she was doing the ironing
There were lots of knives on the kitchen table and my baby brother was playing under the table
I lent over the fish pond trying to count the tadpoles

Safer Strangers
I played outside the house on my own because my friends were busy
I told my teacher when a stranger tried to talk to me on the way to school
A man offered me a sweet when I was playing at the park and I had one
When I lost my Mum in the shop, I looked for a person wearing uniform to tell


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