Bees and wildflowers

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This session teaches Young People about the conservation of bees and wild flower meadows.


Download bee identification information
Download flower identification information
Download bee activity sheet
Download bee fact cards

Download mini meadow instructions:

Buy wildflower seed online or from a local supplier.


1. Using the fact cards and activity sheets, talk about bees and the part they play in pollination
2. If you have flowering plants in your local environment, arrange to go outside and identify those which are attractive to bees; use the bee and flower identification sheets
3. Buy native wildflower seeds online so that the Young People can make their own 1m square mini meadow at home. 100g of seed costs a few pounds, 4 or 5g are all that is needed per person. Share out the seed, talk about how to prepare the ground before sowing them. Talk about what they might expect to see when the seed germinates.


  • bees
  • conservation
  • flowers
  • meadow

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