Make Jam and Jam Tarts

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Make Jam from scratch then make Jam Tarts


Lemon Juice
Preserving Sugar

Butter (cubed)
Plain Flour


1) Start off by getting the Kids to wash their hands. Then seperate into Lodges/groups and put them on individual tables.
2) Put the strawberries into another bowl and get the kids to squish them using their hands until there are no lumps.
3) Get them to add the sugar and lemon juice to the mixture
4) Next, they pour it into a collective pan in the middle of the table and an adult puts it onto the hob to simmer for 10 mins or so
5) While we are waiting for the jam to cook and cool, we can make the pastry. Give them their own small mesurements so that they can make their own pastry.
6) In a small bowl get them to rub the butter and the flour together using just their fingertips till they have small 'breadcrumbs'
7) Add a small amount of water until the whole thing clumps into a dough.
8) Put flour on the table and roll out the dough.
9) Use the pastry cutter to cut out 2 small circle and place them into a cupecake tin
10) The Jam should be done by now so with an adult helping, spoon the jam into the middle of the pastry in the tins and squash down.
11) Put the tarts into the oven and cook until the pastry is brown
12) While waiting for these to cook, kids can wash up.


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