Mosquito Tag

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Game which can be used as part of the Global Challenge




1. Nominate 2 players to be Doctors and 2 players to be mosquitos (the numbers can be increased or decreased to suit the size of your group/playing area)
2. Give each of the doctors a ball which represents medicine.
3. Once the game starts the mosquitos try and infect the other players by tagging them. Doctors cannot be infected as they have the medicine.
4. Once tagged a player must stand with the legs slightly apart and pretend to have malaria by shaking.
5. The Doctors can free the player by rolling the medicine between their legs.
6. If an infected person is not "cured" within a time limit determined by the leaders that have "died" and are out of the game.
7. The game ends when everyone but the doctors are out or after an agreed time limit (if the doctors have proved effective at curing people)


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