Home Safety badge

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Home safety badge in a night


Copies of sheets - dangerous items to set up


Set up an unsafe room for Cubs to identify the dangers in the room (see dangers in kitchen answers) Cubs will go into the room 6 at a time. Cubs will be asked not to touch or go beyond a safety line
Give cubs sheet with dangers in the home to circle
Worksheet to be completed in 6's
End of evening ask cubs to take emergency contact sheet home to complete. When they bring it back they will have earned the badge (sheet to go home again after!)


  • 999
  • ambulance
  • awareness
  • coastguard
  • common sense
  • community
  • danger
  • emergency
  • fire brigade
  • hazards
  • Help other people
  • Lifeboat
  • mountain rescue
  • police
  • safety

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