Make a Boomerang

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Make a Boomerang


1. Lightweight card
2. Scissors
3. Boomerang Template
4. Paint, stickers or makers for decorating Boomerang


1. Use the 3 arm boomerang template and blow up if necessary to make a bigger version but A4 is ok
2. Cut out template and lay on your card
3. Carefully cut around your template and fold down the three edges as shown on the template or your boomerang will not fly.
4. Decorate your boomerang but don't use heavy decorations or they may be too heavy and your boomerang will not fly.
5. Test flight your boomerang similiar to how you throw a frisbee. Grasp the boomerang by one of the arms that does not have the airfoils. Twist your wrist towards your body then flick it out, fling the boomerang.
If it does not come back try bending the three arms up a little everyone throws differently so each boomerang will be different.

6. Alternatively you can copy the template directly onto the card if possible.


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