Movie Making

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Beavers to make a picture board and discuss the Movie they would like to make, Movies will be made in lodges. Beavers need to prepare what they are going to say . Each leader to film each lodge . Once the films have been completed , it can be edited using Movie Maker program on computer- probably need a geeky young leader to help with this. Show back to Beavers at the next meeting .


Video cameras/ mobile phones - permission to film the children and strong safe guarding awareness with all the adults


Give good clear instructions about what needs to be achieved,In lodges children to build up a picture board using drawings and paper. Then the children can film their film. Leaders need to ensure that they follow the story board and give guidance.
Time after the meeting will be needed to edit the films. Show at the next meeting using a television or projector


  • film making
  • movie making

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