Obstacle Challenges Competition

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Obstacle challenges set out for teams of Explorer Scouts (or Scouts) to complete in a set time scale.


neckies (enough per team)
camera phone
3 or 4 staff helpers
tents (enough per team)
List of instructions (enough per team - always good to have extra for leaders)
Prizes (optional)


Before group arrive set up preperations listed on the preperations sheet. Split group into two or three teams and give them the list of challenges along with a time scale to complete it in. Staff must man appropriate stations as listed on preperations sheet. Teams must complete all challenges and have them signed off by leaders before heading to the finish line with their signed off list. This can be added to or adapted to suit groups or weather.


  • competition
  • obstacle course
  • Outdoor activity
  • Outdoor, adventure, play games, creative, make things
  • skills

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