Navigation Emergency - Constellations

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An activity base that can be used to support the Astronomy badge and also team simple coordinate plotting in support of map reading.


You will need pencils, rulers and rubbers and it clip boards if tables not available.


In advance of the activity, print out instruction pack and provide a copy of guidance notes, the constellation charts and a 'data set' to each group participating. They will also need some copies of the coordinate plotting paper provided. It is suggested that the members of the groups take turns in reading out the coordinates and crossing them off as they're done and also in plotting.

To make this into a wide game, the constellation images can be cut up and laminated then stuck on trees and posts around a defined area (campsite, HQ, grounds) so that once drawn, the Cubs need to find the images to compare against, either leaving them in place or bringing the images back if enough copies made.


  • astronomy
  • constellations
  • navigation
  • plotting

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