Protecting The Treasure

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Fun game where a small number of kids protect the "treasure" and the others try to attack it


Stool/chair/large box, large soft sponge ball, some "treasure"


The stool/chair/box should be placed in the middle of the room with the "treasure" on. This could be a play crown or similar. A circle is marked out on the floor around the treasure, throwing distance away. Depending on the size of your group, four Beavers are selected to be the protectors of the treasure and can go in the circle. All the other Beavers must stay outside of the circle and throw the ball at the treasure. The aim is to knock it off the stool. The protectors must fend off the attack and protect the treasure. You can swap around roles every now and again. To make it harder, you can make it so the Beavers must punch or push the ball.


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  • game
  • treasure

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