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Making their own flint striker for starting fires


16mm dowel (5/8 inch)
Sticky back velcro
Swan extra length lighter flints
Hack saw blades


Cut the dowel into 12 cm lengths and issue one per scout...
Also supply each scout with 4cm length of hack saw blade and 3 flints (Strongly suggest this is done when they are at the stage to require them as they VERY easily get lost).
The rest of the resources the scouts can share out themselves when they need them.

Cut the dowel into 2 pieces 4cm from on end
Secure the smaller piece in a clamp and drill a hole to a depth of about 1 cm in the centre of one end (diameter will have to be at least that of the hacksaw blade)
Secure the larger piece in the clamp and drill a hole about 3 cm deep in to one end (same diameter) - careful to make it straight!!

Glue the hacksaw blade securely in the hole in the small piece of dowel (helps to secure with small wood chips too)
Once dry the 2 pieces of wood should be able to fit together with the hacksaw blade hidden inside.

Add sticky velcro to either end of the dowel with the holes and trim to size - make sure you remember a hole in the center for the blade - can be tricky for younger scouts.
This is to make sure the pieces stay together and you don't lose either end - one is no use without the other!

Cut a small slit in the non-hole end of the larger dowel about 2.5cm long - needs to be the length and width to be able to glue the 3 flints in a line end to end - see photo's if not sure.

Glue the flints in the slit - sticking out slightly above the surface of the dowel.
Make sure the glue is dry before trying to strike the blade along the flints or they will come out and you will lose them!!!

Once dry they should make quite impressive sparks - enough to get a small fire started with sheeps wool or cotton wool.


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