Operation "Bye Bye Bambi!!!"

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Patrol Leaders Training Task


1 Chair
Paper Clues (See atached sheet)
Pen / pencil


Instructions for organiser:

Mark out an area of 5-7 m2 as the Secure Zone. Place chair and pen/pencil in Secure Zone. Outside this Zone is the danger area (see briefing). Place the Paper Clues (rolled-up) at different points around the Danger Zone - at least 5m away from Secure Zone. Also place LASER Control Unit Slot at an appropriate place in the danger zone. End EX when the time limit is up OR when the patrol has posted the code in the Slot, OR when the patrol has lost 5 team members.

Model solution:

The easiest way to complete the task is for two patrol members to carry one patrol member on the chair to collect one clue at a time, bring it back and let the rest of the patrol solve it - watching not to get the clues too close. Then to simply fill in the blanks on the Sheet and slot it into the LASER control Unit

Points to watch for:

Watch that the "melting" rules (see briefing) are being obeyed. No one scout can touch 2 clues at any one time.

Briefing for PL's:


The Evil Dr. Vonbrainybam is holding the world to ransom. He has developed a deadly weapon, which he calls a "LASER" which can flatten large cities. It is presently in orbit targeted on all the Disney Lands and Studios on the Earth. As we know, a world without Disney would be bitter and unhappy and would probably crumble into war and rioting and would be disastrous for the World's Economy. However, like most Evil Genius Dr. Vonbrainybam is totally insane and quite forgetful.


Our Intelligence suggests he has left subtle clues in the vicinity of the ground base signal to the "LASER". These clues somehow give the code to switch off the control. However, the clues are well guarded.


As the Disney Terrorist Response Team you have been sent to deactivate the "LASER". Your mission is to solve the clues, write the answers in the "LASER" Deactivation Code sheet, and put the Sheet into the "LASER" control Unit. Remember, Don't just do it for you, do it for Disney. The future of cuddly overpriced merchandise depends on the success of this mission.


You have 20 minutes from the end of this briefing.
1. The ground surrounding the clues contains a special electrical circuit, which melts metals on contact.
2. If a scout directly touches the ground and the clue simultaneously, they will be melted.
3. If the clues are held less than 1.5 metres away from each other, they will melt.



Example questions:

How long do you have to complete the task? - 20 minutes
What happens if a scout directly touches the ground and a clue simultaneously? - They will be melted
What happens if metal touches the ground? - It melts on contact.
What will happen if a clue gets within 1.5m to another clue? - It will melt


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