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The Isotope is a radioactive danger that must be contained! The Team must work together to contain the isotope and to get it to the isolation unit.


- Square piece of cardboard (The Containment Structure)
- A marble or small ball (The Isotope)
- A bucket (The Isolation Unit)



The isotope will only remain stable if it is on a square of cardboard, if it hits the ground it is returned to the starting point.
The isotope must not be touched! It will kill anyone who touches it instantly and that person will no longer be able to help contain it.
There are all kinds of ways to introduce strategic obstacles and this tends to make the game all that much more fun. Start simply and add some variations as the teams get more adept at the game.


- Give the group a specific time limit.
- Limit the number of steps each player can take after that the radioactivity of the isotope saps all of their strength.
- Set up obstacles for the group to overcome in moving the isotope into the containment structure.
- Hide the isotope and/or the containment structure so the group has to find them before they begin.
- Several groups can compete at the same time using different colored marbles and containment structures.


  • balance
  • Indoor and Outdoor activity
  • team building
  • team game

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