Foody Campsite

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Build a campsite using food products


Lots of different types of food/sweets such as:
Dolly mixtures
Toblerone pieces
Royal icing
Chocolate fingers
Strawberry laces
Mini marshmallows
Astro/sour belts
Any other interesting sweets that could be used to create a campsite
Tray covered in foil


Share the sweets out between your sixes.
In their sixes they have to create a campsite using the sweets provided (And not eating any!)
They must include the following on their campsite:
Tents for the Cubs
Tents for the leaders
Dining shelter
Sleeping bags and pillows
Source of water
Activity area - include an activity taking place in this area

Anything else that you can throw in there.

Give the sixes 45 mins to create their masterpiece.
Once time is up then they need to tidy up
When everywhere is tidy then the sixes talk through their campsite with the rest of the pack


  • camp
  • creative
  • food challenge
  • food fun
  • fun
  • planning
  • team work

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