Teddy Rescue Pioneering / Wide Game

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Build a stretcher using simple pioneering to carry a teddy around a course.


Bamboo canes, string, teddy bear (possibly sheets showing how to tie the knots/lashings)


Young people in their groups are challenged to be the first group to construct a stretcher to safely carry their teddy bear across a course. Depending on the young people's prior knowledge, you may provide plans and knot and lashing diagrams, or just provide materials and ask them to design the stretcher.
A simple stretcher can be made by square lashing 4 canes into a frame and then using lengths of string to fill in the gap between the poles as a base for teddy to lie on.


  • clove hitch
  • lashing
  • lashings,games
  • pioneering
  • pioneering stretcher
  • square lashing
  • teddy bear
  • wide game

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