Craft Tomahawk (Axe)

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Make a Tomahawk from craft materials


1) Tomahawk Head: Net to printed onto 160gm card (see downloads)
2) Handle: Corrugated cardboard (ideally single faced for easy rolling)
3) Binding: Wool/ribbon
4) Decoration: Beads, feathers, electrical/insulation tape
5) Scissors
6) Glue stick/Double sided tape
7) Sticky tape
8) Rulers


Making The Tomahawk Head

1) Cut out the net along the solid lines
2) Score & bend inwards along the dotted lines
3) Tuck the tabs so that one side slides under the other and secure with glue or double sided tape.

Making the Handle

1) Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard into a rectangle about 20cm x 12cm, making sure that the corrugation runs along the longest edge.
2) Form the handle by tightly rolling along the longest edge and secure with sticky tape

Assembly & Decoration

1) Push the handle through the both sides of the head and secure with glue/sticky tape
2) Adding binding by wrapping in a criss cross over the handle
3) Decorate with beads, feathers, electrical/coloured tape


1) Prepare by pre-scoring the cardboard along the dotted lines and applying double sided tape prior to the activity can help especially where time is tight.
2) The Tomahawk Head net will leave a hole about 2cm square - depending on the weight of the corrugated cardboard and how well it can be rolled you may need to experiment with the width of it.

As soon as I get my webcam running I'll add a video to help clarify the steps


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