Fund Raising Challenge

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Set up a fund raising challenge


Planning: Paper and pens


If you don’t already know, decide what charity are you going to raise money for.
Consider opening a bank account if one is not already available and you plan to raise quite a bit of money.
Decide what the event is going to be.
Find out if the cause you are championing (person, group, non-profit, etc
Use the contact list to find anybody who has experience with the type of fundraiser you are planning.
Find a place to hold the event if you don’t already have one.
Tour the facilities to determine if there is adequate space and to find out what supplies are available to use.
Determine a date and time.
Decide what types of payment you will accept.
Check with proper authorities to see if you need to complete any paperwork.
Determine if your event will be free admission or require tickets.
Get the word out.
Make up flyers and post them around the area.
Pre-sell tickets, if you are charging admission.
Get cash for change and a lock box to hold cash and checks as people pay.
Start the event!.
Clean up as much as possible after the event.
Take the money you have collected to the charity.,134,150&moduleID=10


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