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Scouts have to sculpt a word shown, using plasticine/Play-doh, from a flashcard to the rest of their patrol.


Flash Cards with one word objects


Split Scouts into Patrols
Assign each Patrol a leader, who has a stash of Flash cards
On the whistle the nominated Scout runs out and looks at the flash card, returns to their table and sculpts whatever was on the card, without speaking to the rest of the Patrol
After 30 seconds, they must stop and the rest of the patrol gets 30 seconds to guess what it is.
If they answer correctly the next Scout gets a turn
If they answer incorrectly then 1/4 of the Plasticine is removed by the leader and the next Scout begins their turn.
The game ends when all Scouts have guessed correctly or when their is no plasticine left!!!!


  • clay
  • creative thinking
  • modelling
  • Plasticine
  • play-doh

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