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Giant Spaghetti Challenge

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The challenge is to produce the longest length of spaghetti using only the items on the table.


Spaghetti (raw)
Billy Can
Staves or Broom handles x 4
Wire Coat hanger
bottle of water
elastic bands
paper plates


In Patrols the scouts have to make the longest length of spaghetti using only the items on the table; this is all they are told; they need to work out what to do.

The idea is that they need to make a tripod using the staves (lashings) and suspend the billy using the wire coat hanger. Then they need to light a fire to heat the water which has been put in the billy. The spaghetti is placed in the warm water to soften it. Once it is softened it is possible to very carefully tie the pieces together (reef knot is good), but you have to be very gentle otherwise the spaghetti will break (the scouts will soon learn this). Longest piece of spaghetti wins.


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