Scale Model Solar System

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Scale model of the solar system using peppercorns, foam balls, grains of sand etc.


Per Patrol:
1 x Foam Ball
2 x Dots on a piece of paper
2 x Marbles
2 x Grains of Sand (sellotaped to paper)
2 x Peppercorns (sellotaped to paper)


Each patrol is given the above resources.
Scouts are to decide which planet each item represents and then put them in the correct order.

Correct answer:
Sun - Foam Ball
Mercury - Dot
Venus - Sand
Earth - Sand
Mars - Dot
Jupiter - Marble
Saturn - Marble
Uranus - Peppercorn
Neptune - Peppercorn

At this scale (10 Billion:1) the planets would be the following distances from the Sun:
Mercury - 5.8m (57,910,000 km)
Venus - 10.8m (108,200,000 km)
Earth - 15m (149,600,000 km)
Mars - 22.8m (227,900,000 km)
Jupiter - 77.8m (778,500,000 km)
Saturn - 143.3m (1,433,000,000 km)
Uranus - 287.7m (2,877,000,000 km)
Neptune - 450.3m (4,503,000,000 km)



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