National Donut Day

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National Donut Day is American but honours the Salvation Army


Mixing Bowl, mixing spoon, Kitchen Scales, Measuring Jug, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Kitchen Towel, Cooking Oil, Slatted Spoon & Saucepan per lodge with recipe ingredients for Easy Donuts attached. Paper Plate per Beaver. Pens for word Search & Donut Design. Ring/Coit and two large balls for games


Start with Word Search and Design a Donut. Circle Time to explain National Donut Day. All need to wash hands! Each help measure and mix as a lodge then each beaver gets a plate, writes their name on it then puts a little oil on their hands. Get a golf ball size of doughnut mixture and shape as required in their hands then place on plate ready to fry. Then Wash hands again! Adults fry doughnuts replace on their plates with Kitchen Towel, allow to cool then Beaver can eat! Donut Games played while frying taking place. (older ages can fry themselves! also could be done on fire if Very Careful!!)


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