Father's Day Sweet Tie

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Create a tie shaped bag, with sweets and colour in tie template and verus


Pencil crayons
Clear plastic bags (long and thin if possible)
Sweets (Wrapped opal fruit, fox fruits, etc.)
Printed material


Set up tables for the beavers to colour at
Distribute the versus, tie template and tie knot
Make them write their names on the back of all the printouts!
Get the beavers to start colouring in the printed materials
Call the beavers in small groups to another table to create the tie bag

* At the sealed end, fold the corners in to make a tie point (like making a paper dart)
* Stick the folded in corners with tape
* open the top and put some sweets in
* Seal the top with ribbon

Let them return to colouring.
Finally Stick the knot over the ribbon
Stick the versus to the front
Tape the tie to the back but make sure you can see the tie through the bag.


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