Beat the Dice

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A fun game to


A 6 sided Dice (any size, we used a large foam one). (You could use a larger dice e.g. 10 sided, 12 sided, too.)


In your hall/meeting space, mark out 6 areas, numbered 1 to 6, one for each side of the dice.

Explain that you will roll the dice, and whoever is standing in the area of the number it lands on will be eliminated.

Players must decide a number they think will be safe. Between rolls they can stay where they are or move to another number.

Count down from 5 between rolls, then roll the dice on zero. If using a big foam dice, throw it high in the air and let them watch it land.

Maybe they want to follow each other - but remember - if all players are in the number which rolls, they will all be out at the same time.

Keep rolling the dice until you get a winner, or only a small number of players remaining. If you get down to 2, try to encourage them to pick different numbers.

As the throw of the dice is random, this game could be over quickly, or could go on for longer. As the number of players still in the game gets smaller, the harder it will be to eliminate players, so fit the game to the time you have available. You can decide when it ends, and how many winners you have.


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