Hills and Valleys

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A fast paced team game that can be played indoors or outdoors. Also sometimes called Cups and Saucers.


Cones, or plastic bowls/cups - quite a lot (we used about 40). Make sure it's something not easily breakable.


Split your players into 2 teams.

Spread the cones/bowls around the floor, making sure you have a mix of some being the right way up, and others upside down.
Where the cone points upwards/bowl is upside down - it is a hill.
Where the cone points downwards/bowl is the right way up - it is a valley.

1 team must try to turn all the cones into hills.
The other team must try to turn them all into valleys.

Give them a few minutes to run around flipping the cones/bowls. Make sure they don't move the cones/bowls or stack them together.

When you stop, count up how many hills and how many valleys you have to find the winning team.


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