Mini-Beast Scavenger Hunt

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Includes some Powerpoint slides to talk about the different kinds of mini-beasts and 2 worksheets for the children go take and tick off items on a bug /leaf hunt. Discuss with the children what we might find if we went on a woodland walk. Explain that we will go on a short woodland walk where we can do a mini-beast scavenger hunt and also see if we can identify different leaves. You can make this more interesting by introducing points for each one so you can have a inter-lodge competition if you wish.


Powerpoint presentation on Mini-beasts
Mini-beast quick identifier guide
Scavenger Hunt worksheet (attached)
Leaf worksheet (attached)
Pens (either for each child or per lodge)
Hand wipes/gel!


1. At the opening ceremony / log chew use the presentation to talk about the different types of mini-beasts. Either with a projector or could print out/use as notes. Explain why mini-beasts are important. Discuss the current decline in the bee population. Ask the boys to consider how they can make a difference by making an area of their garden bug friendly. You can expand on this to suit your necessary badge work.
2. Ask the children to think about what we might be able to find whilst we are on our walk.
3. Take a short woodland walk (or you could use the grounds near your hut if that works)
4. Give each child/lodge a pen and a copy of the 2 worksheets.
5. Identify different types of leaves as you go. (use worksheet)
6. Try to complete as many of the scavenger hunts items. (use worksheet)
7. Which lodge found the most?
8. Was anything impossible to find - discuss why this might be (time of year etc).


  • bug hunt
  • bug hunting
  • conservation
  • Insects
  • leaf identifying
  • mini-beast
  • nature trail
  • scavenger Hunt
  • tree identifying
  • woodland walk

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