Bonfire Night & Camp Fire

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Build a bonfire outside. Toast marshmallows, sing camp songs and eat hot dogs. Teach the fire safety code.

This can be linked quite nicely to a coming in activity for pioneering using mini marshmallows and cocktail sticks to create a structure - (houses of parliament if you are feeling ambitious!!)


Camping stove to heat the hot dogs
Camp fire materials - beavers can help find sticks etc
Hot dogs
Marshmallows & Chocolate digestives to make "s'mores"
Bucket of water or sand for putting out the fire

Camp Song lyrics.


Just have fun, but ensure younger children are well briefed with the rules about being near to the campfire. Toasting the marshmallows done in twos with very close adult supervision (possibly reins!).

We sang Father Abraham, Crazy Moose, and a number of other fun songs with actions.

Great opportunity to link with another colony or section.


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