Basic Knots

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Fun and Easy way to teach young members Single Hitch, Stopper Knot, Reef Knot (or Granny knot if all goes wrong).


Coloured knot boards - 1 per member
Practice Rope - 1 per member
Simple knot instruction sheets
Broom handles/ Staves


Hand out single lengths of practice ropes.
Sit alongside young members (it's easier to teach knotting this way).
In small stages, teach a stopper knot (used to hold a bead on a length of rope/ string e.g. light pull cord)
Then ask lie a stave horizontal across two chairs/ tables/ held by two people. Teach the Beavers a single hitch (used to hang hooks to a bar or secure an object)
Hand out Practice Ropes on suction cups and Left/ Right Sheets.
Place one suction cup and rope under each Left and Right Heading.
Teach Reef knot. (Used to tie two lengths of rope of differing thickness together in a very tight way. On the membership badge) If it goes wrong it's a Granny knot!


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