Cyclist Badge

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Troop split into small groups to complete requirements 1 & 2


Bikes, Puncture repair kits, bike tools, cones/markers, long floor board, canes, marker tape, buckets, small half logs.


Group 1

Show scouts how to find and fix a puncture
Old bike wheels to be used.
Scouts working in pairs with each scout demonstrating how to fix a puncture.

Group 2

Show scouts how to brakes work and how to adjust.
Show scouts how gears work and how to adjust.
Show scouts how to adjust seat and handlebars.
Brief talk about lights covering : Types, Mounting, Battery's and when to use.

Group 3

Check scouts helmets and suggest adjustment as needed.
Allow scouts to traverse bike slalom.
To be timed with penalties for faults.
Slalom to Include: see saw, stop in the box and balance, cone slalom, ride the line, ride inside the marked circle, sprint, bumpy logs.


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