Beaver Bonanza Mission 3 - Help Furry Fred Travel near and Far

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The Activity is a challenge for Beavers to complete away from the Scout hut and is spread over many weeks


Furry Fred Stuffed Toy:

Disposable Camera 1 per beaver:

Introduction letter to Parent (attached)

Beaver Diary (Attached)


Draw up a rota for Beavers to take home the Furry Fred Mascot - Flexi Record may help

Hand out 1 camera, the Beaver and letter and Diary to the selected Beaver at the end of each meeting. Explain to the Beaver, and parent what you want the Beaver to do with Fred and the Camera and encourage the Parent to help the Beaver, emphasising the element of Fun.

Once all Beavers have had a week with Furry Fred


  • Beaver Bonanza
  • Furry Fred
  • Help Furry Fred travel near and far

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