Community Hamper

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Create a hamper to give to the local OAP home or club


Non-perishable food items
Wrapping paper / decorated paper



1) Inform young people and parents in advance that you are doing a community project and that you require non-perishable items (foodstuff is best)
2) In a week or so's time, get everybody to bring their items in and discuss the club/home that Section are giving it to. If possible have a representative come to the hall - Beavers can decorate the box with wrapping paper or decorated paper and make a card to go with the onation.
3) Donate the items and arrange delivery/collection

We have run this at Christmas a few years and the local 50+ club are always very grateful. Each members takes away at least one item (box of biscuits for example) which they say is a great help and a lovely thought from the young people. We tend to get a card with 'happy pensioners' photos in as a thank you.


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