Make a knot display board

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Teach some knots, attach to a board and let the young people take it home to remind them how to tie the knots.


Garden canes
Rope (thin)
A5 board – 15 x 21cm (e.g. white foam board)
Cord (e.g. 550 Para cord) in various lengths:
- Reef knot – 2 x 13cm lengths in different colours
- Clove hitch – 1 x 19cm length
- Round turn and two half hitches – 1 x 23cm length
- Sheet bend – 1 x 12cm length, 1 x 14 cm length in different colours
Sticks – 13cm long (e.g. twigs from the garden).


Teach the young people a knot, then tie it with the chosen cord.
- Reef knot: use the two colours of cord the show the form of the knot.
- Sheet bend: make the loop with the shorter length, then tie the knot with the longer piece.
- Clove hitch and round turn and two half hitches: tie both of these around the stick, one at either end.
- When the knots have been tied attach them to the board (a hot glue gun – it dries quickly
You could either do this with a small group doing each knot in turn, or rotate around bases doing a knot at each.


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