Heart Beat

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Look at their Heart beats and see what happens when they do some exercise and then are still again




1. talk to the Beavers about their hearts and what it does. ( Pumps blood in the body)

Q: What influences heart rate?

A: Activities you're doing
How fit you are
Air temperature
Body position (standing up or lying down, for example)
Body size

2. Get them to feel for their pulse rate - either on their wrists, or side of their necks. OR give them a stethiscope to listen to their heart.
They don't actually have to count their pulse rate as this can be difficult to do. But they should be able to feel it. If they can't on themselves, see if they can feel it on another beaver .

3. Get the beavers to do some exercise, jumping, jogging on the spot, start jumps, hops etc
4. Get them to feel for the pulse rates again - can they feel it more easily? is it faster? OR use stethiscope
5. Ask them did they notice any changes to their heart beat?
Explain we excercise to keep the heart healthy.


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