Moose Callers

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Construction of a Moose Caller


Plastic cup (NOT polystyrene), dental floss 0.5m long, toothpick.


1) Make a hole in the bottom of the cup.
2) Tie the piece of dental floss to the toothpick and then thread the dental floss through the hole so it dangles below the cup.
3) The toothpick should be in the cup preventing the dental floss from being pulled out, it may need a bit to be broken off so it fits properly.
4) Hold the cup by the rim with one hand, wet the thumb and forefinger of the other hand with saliva and gently grip the dental floss near the bottom of the cup.
5) As the finger are slowly dragged down the dental floss a loud noise similar to that made by a moose will be heard!


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