Reading, Berkshire - Local Knowledge Badge

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A word-search using words relating to things in the local area (Reading, Berkshire).
Make your own Coat-of-Arms.


A Copy of the word-search for each Cub
Pictures and information about things in the word-search
Copy of the Coat-of-Arms for the area
Blank Coat-of-Arms for each Cub


Give out the Wordsearch and pencils and allow cubs to find all the words relating to the Reading area.
After 10 minutes ask the Cubs how many of the things they recognised or knew about.
Show pictures or give more information about some of the words.
Show the Cubs the Coat-of-Arms for Reading and Berkshire (and your local town/village if available), explain the meaning of the items in the Coat-of-Arms.
Give out a blank Coat-of-Arms to each Cub (an assortment of templates are available, and many more can be found online), let them choose some things they feel are important about themselves and draw them onto a personal Coat-of-Arms.


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