World Faiths - Hanukkah

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To learn about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah


Print out of Hanukkah festival information
Copy of the word-search for each Cub
Dreidel (can be one that you have made)
Print out of Making a Dreidel information
Copy of the dreidel template for each Cub
A few copies of the dreidel lettering (enough for one per table/six)
A pencil or piece of pointed dowel for each Cub
Double sided sticky tape (or glue)
Counters or another item for playing the game


Explain what Hanukkah is and the reason Jews celebrate it.
Give out a copy of the word search to each Cub to help them remember the important words connected to Hanukkah.
Show the Cubs a dreidel. Explain the significance of the dreidel.
Give each Cub a print out of the dreidel template, and put a copy of the dreidel lettering onto each table.
Allow Cubs to decorate and cut out their dreidel, then stick it together and add the pencil/dowel.
In their sixes give the Cubs some counters and allow them to spin the dreidel.


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