Expedition Challenge weekend camp

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Max 10 Scouts will be challenged to complete Expedition Challenge Camp, Journey with a purpose.
Image is to meet at De Kluis on Friday 18th October to set up camp.
Scouts will be asked to travel to Grand Place, Brussels and the grand square in Leuven to count the number of cobble stones in the squares! Scouts can decide how to travel, bus, train, hike etc. Scouts will make their own way back to De Kluis and prepare their own evening meal. (Photographic evidence of the journey will be required).
Scouts will cook their own breakfast, down camp and hike back to the African Museum elephant. Scouts to decide route and follow maps (Photographic evidence of route following the map is required).
Andrew will need one leader to camp with him and the Scouts on both Friday and Saturday night..


One additional leader (camping only or all weekend?)
Tesco tents!
Twin cooker, pots, pans etc.
Dining shelter.
Compasses and maps.





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