Good Turns for Mum

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Make a Mother's Day card for mum and use the attached insert as the gift - good turns for mum over a month


Card & ideas for cards (paint, glue, pens etc)
Attached sheet printed double sided
Ribbon to hold insert in place


Talk to Cubs about what mums do for us. Ask them to give examples of what mum's do well and perhaps not so well but where they try their best
Discuss about how it would be nice to do things for our mums as good turns to help her and say thank you for all she does for us. Show them the attached chart and talk about ideas for good turns and how to fill it in.
Then get Cubs to make cards (lots of ideas on OSM and in books) and then give them the sheet and a piece of ribbon and ask them to cut round edge of sheet so it goes inside, fold it in half and insert & then tie the ribbon round the spine of the card to hold it in place.
At the end of the night tell the Cubs and parents that the Cubs may have something for mums but it they bring part of it back in a few weeks time, it will count toward their Promise Challenge Badge


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