Pioneering: Scarecrow Go-Cart Race

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This is a pioneering activity. Each six is challenged to make a Scarecrow (or similar) and a go-cart. They then race the go-carts with the Scarecrows as passengers.


Canes and string for making the Go-Carts.
Cardboard cable reals to use as wheels.
Overalls to use as bodies to make the scarecrows.
Material for stuffing the overalls (we used balloons and paper).
Colouring pens etc. for decoration.


Explain that each six will have to make a scarecrow and a go-cart. They will have their work cut out to make both in the time available. Encourage them to split into groups to divide up the work.
The design of the go-cart is up to them - but it is a good idea to make an example for them to see so that they have an idea of what they are aiming at.
Show them how to perform a basic square lashing.
Help to tie the scarecrows to the carts.

If they finish ahead of time they can decorate the go-cart or make faces for the scarecrow (using paper plates).

Each six to have members at both ends (or sides) of the hall
"Cart" to be powered by pulling a string,
Race should 7 lengths? of the hall so each cub has to take a turn at powering the cart.
Points lost (or time penalty?) for collisions, breakdowns, driver falling off etc.
Create lanes and/or an obstacle (eg a small slope or a gate) as appropriate.

award points for:
best scarecrow
best looking go-cart
winning the race
doing their best
helping to tidy up etc.


  • pioneering
  • pioneering knots lashings

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