Sedan Chairs

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Create Sedan Chairs using rope, poles and planks - if you can do more than one have races at the end. Noisy and fun along with some basic rope skils.


Planks - a good inch thick and wide enough for a cub to stand on. Deck would do fine. 2 x thick poles or broom handles per chair and rope.


Divide the rope into 4 equal lengths
At each end of the plank tie a plank sling with 2 of the pieces of rope so you have 2 loose working ends
Use the working end to do a larks head to attached the poles to make your swing
Have sufficient cubs either side and a cub or leader in the middle and way you go - you have a sedan chair
Note: will upload a picture soon as I know my instructions are not brilliant.


  • balance
  • Problem solving
  • ropes
  • team work

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