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A game to introduce new Cubs (and remind some current ones!) of some of the instructions used by Leaders.




Label 4 walls North, South, East, West as usual.
Cubs run to the appropriate wall when it is called out.
Leaders also use other commands as used by your Pack, eg:
"Pack! Pack! Pack!" - Cubs line up smartly in their Sixes
Leader holds hand in the air - Cubs stand quietly with their hand raised
Grand Howl - Leader stands with arms held out at the side, 3 fingers on each hand, sweeps hands down and Cubs to follow on with Grand Howl, led by Duty Sixer
"Attention!" - Cubs stand smartly to attention, feet together, hands at their sides
"At Ease" - Cubs stand feet apart, hands held behind their backs
"In your Six boxes" - Cubs stand in their allocated areas

And anything else that your Pack normally uses.


  • discipline
  • game
  • Instructions
  • rules

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