Emergency Aid 1& 2 Part 1

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Variety of bases for Emergency Aid badges


Recuss Ann, Cleaning wipes, fake blood, plasters, scene of accident statements, dangers in the home sheets


Set up 3 bases with 1 leader assigned to each base. 15 mins per base
Base 1 - Airway & Recovery position, using the recuss ann show the cubs how to tilt the head back & open an airway, they can check by breathing into the mouth & inflating the lungs (wipes needed to clean mouth on Recuss Ann between each use. Let the Cubs practice. Show the cubs how to put someone in the recovery position, get them to pair up and practice on each other.
Base 2 - Minor Cuts & grazes, apply some of the fake blood to the cubs, show them how to clean the wound & then apply a plaster, pair them up & let them practice.
Base 3 - What to do at the scene of an accident, talk them through the important points to remember then see if they can put the statements/actions in the right order. Time permitting - give them each an image that shows dangers in the home, get them to circle the dangers & explain why they are a danger (if not finished they can take home to complete & bring back)


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