First Aid Part 2

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Complete bases of different activities to complete Emergency aid 2


fake blood, bandages, dressings, triangular bandages, cling film, bucket, dangers in home sheets, pens, large sheets of paper & marker


Set up 3 bases, the cubs work their way round all of them. 20 mins on each base
Base 1 - Major bleeding. Show them how to treat & apply a bandage, let them practice on each other, finishing off with a sling.
Base 2 - Burns & Scalds. Discuss how to treat, the time in cold water & let them practice on each other, clingfilm over the burn & then bandage, clingfilm keeps wound clean & prevents bandage sticking to skin.
Base 3 - 999 Calls. Discuss how to get help, which service to ask for & what information to give, write down their answers in the right order. If time they can work on the dangers in the home sheets if not completed.


  • 999 emergency
  • burns
  • emergencies
  • first aid
  • major bleeding

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