Camp Hike Expedition Survival cooking practice

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Scout patrols design and organise during week to cook on the evening a two course meal for use on a hike or short expedition. Can be adapted for indoor or outdoor situations and for survival cooking


Gas stove and canister, kitchen utensils, chopping board, wash bowl and fairy liquid, dish towel, cuttlery and dishes to serve. Adadpt for open fire and survival


set up a cooking area with gas stoves, prep area and serving area. Create meal. Leaders to assess skill, hygenie, taste, presentation and suitability for hike or expedition


  • activities
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  • baking
  • Camp Safety & Hygeine
  • co-operative
  • cooking
  • creative thinking
  • design
  • explorers
  • hike equipment
  • hike preparation
  • Hillwalking
  • indoors
  • Joint with other Section
  • leadership
  • Meal
  • menu
  • organisation
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • outdoors
  • Outside
  • patrol
  • Plan a Meal
  • practice
  • preparation
  • survival
  • team
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