Agility Obstacle Course Relay

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Beavers participate as a team, trying their best at the agility/balance challenge.


Hoops, Books, Whistle


Split into lodges or teams, line up for relay. In turn hop down the hall/space to the hoop, pass through the hoop, pick up book and balance it on your head, walk around chair at the end, come back to hoop, put the book down for the next person, pass through the hoop and hop back to your team. Tag the next in line to start them off, go to the back of the line. When everyone has had a turn sit in a straight line. The winning team is the one to have completed all their turns and sitting nicely to finish. Variation: If you drop the book or put a foot down when hopping you have to turn through 360 degrees before continuing.


  • agility
  • balancing
  • fitness Challenge
  • obstacle course
  • relay race
  • team game

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